The Story Is More Powerful Than Your Sales Pitch

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Recently I was forwarded a video of author, consultant and business pioneer Tom Peters talking about the power of storytelling.  I know it may seem as though I’m saturating you with “storytelling” posts since I just posted a video by Nancy Duarte about the power of story in your presentations, and I apologize.  But this was too good not to post ASAP.

In the video below, Tom Peters explains (in under 2 minutes) how the story is more important than your brand.  In other words, the story is more important than your sales pitch, your awards, or any other self-serving information.  I’ve seen so many presentations, whether they’re overt sales presentations or simply sales presentations disguised as educational presentations, focus only on pitching their product or service instead of turning their idea and message into a powerful story that resonates with the audience.

Tom goes on to claim that the “best stories win”, which is something I’ve heard somewhere before…

Tom Peters is a coveted speaker and consultant, and the author of numerous business books including his most recent entitled “The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE” (NOT an affiliate link).

Image courtesy of Always Be Cool via CompFight and Flickr

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