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Hook: The Presentation Conference2/1/11 – The contest is now closed and the winners have been announced at the bottom of this post. Thanks to all who participated.

2011 has been shaping up to be a fantastic year for all those involved with Presentation Advisors, and there’s no question that the highlight thus far was the invitation to speak at Hook: The Presentation Conference.  Hosted by Scott Schwertly and his team at Ethos3, Hook will take place on March 25th and 26th in downtown Nashville, TN.

I’ve been to a number of conferences in the last few years, most of them marketing related, most (but not all) of them good.  However, I’d always noticed that there wasn’t a true, premier conference about effective presenting and presentation design that didn’t cost nearly $1,000.

Enter, Hook:

(via site) On March 25th and 26th, 2011, a group of extraordinary individuals will descend upon Nashville, Tennessee. Their stage presence will be daunting. Their words will be as burning arrows. Their presentations will echo in the halls of eternity. When the doors slam shut and the cleanup crew wanders the conference rooms sweeping up cellophane wrappers, a miracle will have occurred: the Presentation Revolution will have begun.

30 million presentations are delivered each and every day. The vast majority are about to be exposed. Hook: The Presentation Conference will set loose an army of innovating rogues upon every sector in every corner of the world. You want to be on their side, because the new standard for presentations will be simple: did it make my cheeks flap like a bulldog hanging out of a fighter jet, or was I bored? A lot of presentations are going to fall short. Stand up, or be counted among the masses.

The All-Star Lineup

It’s an honor to be asked to speak at Hook, and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. That was when I had only seen a PDF describing the conference and its mission.  Then I saw that Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing (which is a must-read) and one of my business mentors and friends, was going to be a keynote speaker. I’ve written about Scott’s book and his presentation style before, and it’s truly an honor to share the stage with him.  If you want to get a feeling for his presentation style, just watch his TEDxOakville talk.  Are you sold yet?

Then, as if also adding Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, as another keynote speaker wasn’t enough, Scott and his Ethos3 team outdid themselves. Apparently they wanted their attendees’ heads to explode from an overload of awesome content, so they went ahead and booked Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary is the New York Times best-selling author of Crush It! and his upcoming book The Thank You Economy, host of his own show on Sirius/XM, founder of Wine Library TV, founder of Vayner Media and a whole bunch more.  Oh yeah, he kicks royal a$$ on stage.  His 2008 talk at Web 2.0 Expo was the first time I ever saw Gary speak and he blew me away. I’ve seen him live a few times since, and he never mails it in. He brings the thunder every-singe-time. He is one of my inspirations to start Presentation Advisors, but I’ll leave that back story for another post.

As if those all-stars aren’t enough to justify the price of admission, the lineup of fellow speakers is fantastic. Names like C.C. Chapman (Content Rules), Olivia Mitchell (Speaking About Presenting), Travis Dahle (Dahle Communication) and Michael Lowstetter (Eyeful Presentations), just to name a few, round out the impressive lineup.

An Amazing Opportunity

If you’re a loyal reader of my blog, then you understand the importance of effective presentation design. But reading a list of presentation tips is one thing – now you have the unique opportunity to spend two days learning hands-on from the industry’s best, up close and personal. I only wish this conference existed when I was getting started as a presentation designer. You have the opportunity to take your presentations to the next level – to further your business, your cause, or simply yourself.  So what are you waiting for, register for Hook here!

Free Ticket Giveaway – Winners Announced

The contest is now closed and the winners have been chosen at random and notified via email.


Thank you all SO MUCH for reading, commenting, tweeting, and being cool people. Your support is so very much appreciated.

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