5 Tips to Perfect Your Slideshare Presentation

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Slideshare LogoWhen you think of uploading a video, you think of YouTube. When you think of checking-in, it’s probably FourSquare. And when you think of sharing a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, you think of Slideshare.

Since it was founded in October of 2006, SlideShare has grown rapidly – currently sporting over 50 million monthly visitors.

But just because Slideshare is a good platform, does not mean your presentation will be seen without some extra work. If your presentation isn’t designed with Slideshare in mind, it will probably go over like a lead balloon.

Why You Are Failing at Slideshare:

No Speaker – The problem is that the majority of presentations on Slideshare are repurposed presentation slides, originally designed to be presented live and in person. Thus, without a presenter to speak to the slides (since slides are best used as a visual backdrop), it loses much of its context and meaning.

Too Many Words – Other times presentations are designed knowing they will only be seen virtually and without a presenter, so the designer pours words onto each slide, turning it into a novel instead of a visually gripping experience. Either way, your presentation is unmemorable and the audience leaves unsatisfied.

There are plenty of resources out there to help you become a better presentation designer. And when you want to create content specifically for Slideshare, design is a key consideration. But there are still a few nuances about Slideshare that you will need to understand in order to make your presentation effective.

You can rest of this post, including my 5 Tips to Perfect Your Slideshare Presentation, over at the Social Fresh blog where I guest posted on Tuesday. Also, Slideshare did their own wrap-up of useful posts entitled How to Maximize the Value of Slideshare, which is quite useful and includes my post.

Happy reading!!

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